Monday, April 18, 2016

Covered 26 wards this week

So it's transfers this week! have no idea what's going to happen this transfer.

This past week has been a WONDERFUL one! Sister Swains companion Sister Billings went home. Sad. So sister swain needed a place to live and some companions to be with so guess what... She lived it up in Ogden with Sister Richins and Me! And boy did we live it up!

So we had zone conference this week! Then a sisters meeting that the STLs had to give a training at but I really don't like to stand and talk AT people I like to talk TO people. So we basically had everyone say a Christlike attribute their companions have! It was really great! I loved it! 

But the day of the sisters meeting was a carnival at Weber State. I'm pretty sure y'all think I like never work, but I really do! The Institute had a booth there and so they wanted us to go! I held a really big snake! Also while I was holding a big snake one of the leadership at Weber asked me to be on the Weber State snapchat and I was like yes I will! So I was on the snapchat everyone it was the best! And we also got two referrals and a potential investigator! It was really fun! Jordan hung out with us at the carnival too! 

Thursday we had a meeting with Sister Jaggi and it started to snow and she liked how it looked with all the blossoms so she made us sing popcorn popping! And took a video! I love sister Jaggi! Also president wears Birkenstocks and it just makes me think how my mom wouldn't let me get them because I couldn't wear them on a mission.

It was so funny! He got in the font and just put himself under the water and we were like, "not yet he has to say a prayer!" He was just so excited! Juan is very expressive and after his conformation you could tell he felt the Holy Ghost! It was so cool!

Well that's about it! I love you guys you rock!

Love Sister O'Connor

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