Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Training. Again.


This is probably the first birthday I haven't spent with you! But it's ok because I'm on a mission! And I'll skype you in like 3 weeks!

So as my subject tells you I am once again training! But I'm only second half training! I keep doing this! I have more step-children than real children. I told President that Sister Swain likes being an only child! What is he doing? 
So I'm training sister Opeti. She is from Oakland California and is Tongan. She's 22 and happy to be on her mission!

Ok so we are starting to teach this guy named Kevin! He's about 35 and is special needs! This all started when I had dinner at their house the spirit was like pounding me to ask if he has been baptized and thought to myself that he doesn't need to! But I did because you know Heavenly Father knows best! His mom said that the missionaries when she got baptized said he didn't have to be but then she started thinking and realized that this is something she wanted for him! That was about a month or two ago and now we have everything worked out to start teaching him!

We also are starting to teach a woman named Barbra! She has gone through a lot and first gained her testimony in a relief society in jail. And she's really excited to be able to be baptized! She's meeting with president Tuesday and we are so excited!

I'm really sad I'm not in my trio anymore it was fun! But I'm excited to see what this transfer has in store!

Also, I hit my 9 month mark and yes I took a pregnancy picture no I'm not sending it. Ok maybe I will it's funny!

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