Monday, April 4, 2016

Do I have a week for you


First TUESDAY WE GOT A NEW INVESTIGATOR! His name is Frank and he's 90!!!!!!! He's so funny and I want him to get baptized so bad! Sometimes he forgets what we say and we have to tell him again and sometimes he thinks we're done and stands up and walks away and it's funny.

Wednesday we went to district meeting and told everyone about Frank it was great! Then had a lesson with Jordan and Steph whom I love so much! It's funny because I feel like I'm going to be their friend forever! Like when Jordan gets married I'm going there is no question!

We taught them on Thursday too and gave them CONFERENCE TICKETS! It was so exciting! Friday we had a lesson with Juan and if any of you remember how we put him on date for the 17th and he thought we meant May and we were bummed well we had a super spiritual lesson with him this past weekend. Sister Richins and I both felt like he needed to get baptized sooner because he's so ready he is just afraid! Because it's scary but the best! 

Saturday we took Juan to conference and met up with Jordan and her boyfriend Connor and all sat together! That day was crazy! So we take the front runner down walk to temple square try and get something to eat at chick fil a and it was so packed (eat before you go kids) saw KARA HUNTLY a friend from my growing up who's getting married next weekend! Met her fiancé so that was cool! And listened to conference! We saw the Spanish Elders after conference and wanted to take a picture with us and Juan because they are also teaching him just couldn't get tickets to sit with us. I found out some really good friends were sitting a section away from me and didn't see them that bummed me out! 

Also so many mission friends were like "hey I met some of your friends" and sister Richins was like "how many people do you know?" I get it from my dad. But some elders said some guy named Riley who was tall with dark hair and was kinda awkward was looking for me and it racked my brain because I don't know anyone by those standards! But I figured it out! Two of my friends were here together Michael Atwood who would have been the tall one and Joseph Ridgley which is where they probably got the awkward and the Riley(elders have bad memory)! And I am sad I didn't see them because they have both come home from their missions while I've been out! But
it's ok we can wait 10 months everyone!

Then on the ride home don't freak out mom I'm ok. One of the security ladies started banging on the bathroom door telling some guy to come out. Then she told him not to get up and not to move! And if he listened she wouldn't call the police. And turns around and whispers to the people next to us "he has a knife" he comes out of the bathroom and everyone was nervous except me because I'm a missionary and the Lord is protecting me and I realize it's just an ogdenite (homeless person from Ogden who is a little off but not harmful) and this lady starts yelling at him and it was sad because you can tell he doesn't mean any harm and HE'S IN A WHEEL CHAIR FOR PETES SAKE! He's fine. Then yesterday we watched conference at the Craguns who have a daughter out on a mission. They are the sweetest family! They said the rule to watch conference at their house was to wear pajamas! We watched it at their house because it doesn't get streamed to church buildings here it's weird! So it was fun! We spent conference time at their house ate dinner with them then went out and worked! It was so great and I love
them. Sister Cragun is like a mixture between Shaila Bergquist and my mom! It's kinda funny! But I love it! Well y'all have a good day and week I love you all and am so grateful for prophets and apostles here today!

Love Sister O'Connor

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