Monday, May 2, 2016

Toto I don't think we're in Utah anymore

So yesterday was crazy! There was a huge windstorm because of something that has to do with Wyoming or something? I don't know.. All I know is that everything is torn up! Roofs are off houses! Trees fell to the ground! Signs for buildings are down! Power is out! WIFI WAS OUT! All the missionaries were happy it was this Sunday and not next! YAY FOR MOTHERS DAY! It was seriously insane! They even canceled church or just had sacrament meeting! We were instructed that if we didn't have church to put on some pants and get to work! So that's what we did!

Sister Opeti and I went with Elder Jordan and Elder Jones to help some people! We saw that a family had tons of stuff down in their yard! It was a Hispanic family Elder Jordan knew from his Spanish program days and they had the cutest little girls we asked their names and they were like "I'm Camilla and I'm Sarah" so of course we started calling them that and then we found out Sarah's name wasn't Sarah. She has been telling everyone her name was Sarah and it's so funny her name is Allison! I about died! 

After we cleared up their yard we drove around and a HUGE tree had fallen into the road so we go and get our tools and started to chop up this tree! We got it all done and then went to sacrament meeting in pants and after went right back to work! I just kept thinking "when ye are in the service of your fellow man he are only in the service of your God" so it was a good thing to do!

The rest of the week was good we did some service earlier in the week with two other zones in central Ogden in a garden there. We found a few dangerous things, but of course it made us all laugh and go
"oh Ogden" but we were all careful! Don't worry mom! 

We had a lesson this week with Kevin and I don't know if I've told y'all about Kevin! His mom is a recent convert and he is special needs and wants to get baptized so we are going to baptize him! We are really excited for that and being able to teach him is really cool! How much he actually understands is remarkable!

Life is going great! I love being a missionary! I hate being out 9 months because everyone makes comments like "oh your on the down hill" "it's just gonna fly" "you're almost done". The elders never get these comments because when they are out more than a year they can say "oh about a year" and people think they still have a ton of time left but if I say "oh about a year" I'm going home soon no matter what. It's dumb but it's ok. I love being a missionary! I love being on campus! I was told this past week people are going to cry in YSA when I get transferred and I'm just like y'all are going home this week! It's fine! I love it here!

Everyone have a great week I love you! Read your scriptures, go to church, and pray!

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